Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh, it is love!

I needed some winter boots and have been wanting some in this similar fashion for almost a year now.  So husband willingly obliged (he's awesome) and found them for sale online (he is a MASTER online shopper... seriously it's one of his best talents) and purchased them for me!  
Thank you SO much Jean Paul!
I was sooo excited that we just had to go have a little photo shoot! (which lasted about 4.5 minutes because of how awkward I felt haha)

 Okay then I was on the phone and someone wouldn't stop taking pictures.

So you might think this is a way-too-posed shot, which it definitely looks like... but actually this is how I stand in real life? Yep. And in case you were wondering, I've been made fun of for years because of it (shout out to you Shane)

Do you like them?! I do!


  1. Oh yeah. Where?! They are adorable!

  2. you are stunning grace, absolutely stunning!

  3. love em. your hubby needs to share his online shopping tips. like where the heck did he find these? price? Tips?! ha.

  4. LOVE them!
    Can Jean Paul teach Rob how to shop online? I'll send Rob over and he can have a few lessons.

  5. I will ask him where he found them! I know they're for sell at Nordstrom but they were a little spency so he found them somewhere else haha.

  6. you are perfect grace! love youuuuuu

  7. Love the boots-- they look great on you! WHERE did your talented hubs find them?! He's a keeper!

  8. What brand are these boots?!?!!?!?? Please and thank you!!